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Why Are Young Athletes Quitting Sports?

By Next College Student Athlete 04/20/2018, 12:00pm MDT

Kids want action, freedom and control over their activites

Find out what they find fun about their sports — and what they don’t enjoy. Then you can start to adjust their experience.

Sports Supplements: Buyer Beware?

By Nancy Clark, CoachUp Nation 04/19/2018, 12:00pm MDT

The basic supplement question is: If you are deficient, what led to that deficiency and what dietary changes will you make to resolve the issue so that it doesn't happen again? 

The Importance of Hydration for Youth Athletes

By Jeanne Goodes, Breaking Muscle 04/17/2018, 12:00pm MDT

For coaches and trainers, I offer this: Make it mandatory that your athletes have at least 32 ounces of water at every practice or game (or as weather conditions dictate), as well as have a cooler of water readily available to your athletes.

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