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Referee Abuse

By Mike McIntosh, 01/24/18, 10:00PM MST


Changing Culture

On our last MAHA conference call we spent quite a bit of time discussing the abuse of officials in the state. As our Referee-in-Chief states, this year has been one of the worst years for abuse of officials that he can remember. This morning I received an email that discusses this topic as a on going problem not only for us here in Montana but throughout the USA and Canada.

I would ask that you all take the time to read this article and the subsequent articles attached within the article. Then please make sure that this information gets out to EVERYONE in your associations. I am going to ask that this be placed on our MAHA webpage and our social media sites as well.

We must start to change the hockey culture in our state when it comes to how we as coaches, players and parents coexists with our officials, if we don't we could find ourselves without their services.

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Mike McIntosh
MAHA President