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2018 Volunteer Buy-Out

By Todd Sharpe, 09/18/18, 12:00AM MDT


Take the Easy Way Out

This year FVHA is encouraging those that would rather not participate in the volunteering requirements to buy-out their responsibilities. Volunteering has been a way to keep costs low, but in some situations, it's better to pay the deposit. But don't look at it as paying a penalty. Funding that comes in at the beginning of the year will go to hiring workers. This gives us time to plan and keeps those out of the guilty looks at the end of the year.

You can tell your Team Manager to deposit your volunteer check at the first team meetings, or go to the and buy-out per your team. Remember, each player has a requirement so multiple children, there would be multiple quantities.

For 8 and 10U that have two sessions, you can buy-out the entire season or split them. Here's the cost per session. The larger session is the one with the Winter Classic.

Team Price Hours
8U Session 1 $100 10
8U Session 2 $150 15
10U Session 1 $150 15
10U Session 2 $100 10