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2022-23 Board Members and Officers

By Todd Sharpe 06/12/2022, 12:00pm MDT

During the Annual Strategic Planning meeting, the following FVHA Board members were elected to the Fiscal Year 2022 and 2023 term:

  • Jessica Crofts (I)*
  • David Cummings (I)
  • Jim Foster
  • Lindsey Foster
  • Cara Lemire
  • Marcel Quinn
  • Jen Rohweder**

*This position was filling a vacated seat and as such Jessica with fill the remainder of the 21-22 term.
**Unfortunately, the Rohweders found out they are moving after the election and Jen can no longer take a Board position. The Board will decide who will fill this position, if at all.

At the June Board meeting, the following Board members were elected as FVHA Officers for the 2022 Fiscal Year:

  • Jessica Crofts: President
  • Cara Lemire: Vice President
  • Jim Foster: Treasurer
  • Katharine King: Secretary (I)


Retiring Board Members: We thank you for your service!

  • Michelle Baker: Treasurer
  • Robert "RJ" Bradford
  • Rose McIntyre
  • Nici Zuffelato


Follow Board updates, committee assignment and general news on the Info tab or here.



2022-23 Board Member Nominees

By Todd Sharpe 04/06/2022, 6:00pm MDT

Preparing your vote

Nominations are now closed.

The FVHA membership will vote for next years' Board of Director nominees on Tuesday, April 12th at the Annual Strategic Planning meeting. Please acquaint yourselves with all the applicants to make an informed decision for our future. There are six (6) open full-term positions and one half-term (1 year remaining) position.

Per the bylawsOne (1) ballot for each registered member of the Association will be issued to the parents/guardians of said member. Coaches and Board Members with no players registered in the Association shall be considered voting members and will be issued one (1) ballot.

Listed in random order:

Jim Foster: Jim is the Chief of Facility Management at Glacier National Park overseeing the Facilities Division and the construction projects through the park. His staff includes 75 full time and up to 90 temporary employees that run the utilities, roads, buildings, housing, transit, and campgrounds serving the visiting public. One of the highlights of his career with the National Park Service is starting up the School-to-Park Program and Columbia Falls High School, investing the lives of our local high school students. Jim came to this job as a licensed professional civil engineer with experience in managing a not-for-profit Facility Division within a missionary organization that included volunteer architects, engineers, and draftspersons. The skills developed over the past 30 years in the world of engineering and facilities have been the building blocks for success in managing Glacier’s $6m maintenance program and $30M annual project portfolio. In 1979 Jim embarked on his military career with the Army National Guard. His aspiration was to become a Commissioned Officer in the Armed Forces. He attended Officer Candidate School in the early years and worked his way up the ranks and in various positions to Lieutenant Colonel. He served 25 years and retired in 2004 after serving in various positions at the Battery level, as a Field Artillery Battery Commander, Battalion Executive Officer, and a Brigade Operations Officer. Jim married his wife, Deborah, 44 years ago in 1978 and together they raised three children that between them have eight grandchildren. Family and our faith in God are what kept us together and going strong. The amazing support of the best wife ever was the motivation that kept Jim going through the past 40-years of working and serving in many volunteer capacities.  



  Stacey Reynolds: I have worked with the public and community for many years, and understand what it means to be part of an organization like this. I am a parent of two kids that have played in this organization for 9 years and think I have accumulated a ton of experience over the years. I think I am well versed on how things work and the procedures that are in place and why. I own my own company and consider myself a valuable contributing member to this community. And I have a lot more to give. :)

Jen Rohweder: Almost five years ago, our daughter brought home a flier from school for Try Hockey for Free. She said that she wanted to try a new sport. She fell in love immediately and her brothers followed in her footsteps! Most nights during the week in the winter, you will find me at the rink watching our three kids practice, sorting out the open skate deposits in the background or in the box keeping score during games. I currently have one PeeWee and two Squirts. For the past two years I have been a Mites and then a Squirts Manager. I love this organization and am excited to be a part of growing hockey in the Flathead Valley!



  David Cummings (I): I am a dedicated, hard worker. I was part of the team that coordinated the construction of the concrete rink. I am one of the first to show up for a Winter Classic, and one of the last to leave. I have 11 years of experience with this association, from Mites level to High School, and witnessed the tremendous growth of the association and development of its teams. I believe in providing hockey for ALL youth in the valley so I helped establish and currently serve on the Inter-Board Committee that is fostering better communication and collaboration between GHA and FVHA. I also really like bikes.
Jessica Crofts (I): Vote for Pedro!! Lol j/k. I have been a part of FVHA for 8 years and have 2 kids that play. I have put in more hours at that rink than I could even count. I’ve been playing Hockey for 6 years and have been helping coach for 5 years. My job of 20+ years allows me to work with people of all kinds everyday giving me experience to deal with them professionally and ethically. Also great with computers. There is nothing I Love more than Kids and Hockey.


  Marcel Quinn: Hockey has been a huge part of our life. We started being involved in hockey after our oldest children participated in the try hockey for free day. We have the Hernes to thank for our obsession with hockey, as Roseanne first invited us to the sport. Our family is a testament to how important community outreach is. From then on, we have been obsessed with the hockey and enjoyed our children’s development through the program. We have been involved with the Flathead Valley Hockey Association more years than we can count. We have seen our kids develop through all levels of the program and we will continue to be involved in the program for many, many years to come. My husband has been a coach for many years, and I would like to step up my level of involvement and be involved with the board. This is such an important association, and I have personally seen all of the good that the association does for our community.
Cara Lemire: Hi Everyone, I would like to become a member of the FVHA Board to continue to grow and expand the youth hockey program for girls and boys of all ages. I know that the FVHA is a volunteer run organization and while my kids are playing I would like to contribute my time to help the organization run smoothly. I think my experience of the last four years managing Winter Classics, Managing both the Mites and Squirts teams as well as the Mites and Squirts Yeti teams will help me be a contributing board member and I think my vast board experience on other boards will help me be an asset to the board and the organization. I also understand that there is a time commitment required for board service and I am willing to make that commitment. My boys and I really love the hockey community and can't wait to see the program grow. My family is also exited to be exploring the idea of an indoor ice arena for FVHA and we would be interested in working on a committee to facilitate this exciting prospect for our hockey group.  
  Jody Pierce: I moved to the Flathead 15 years ago from southern Alberta. I have 2 daughters that currently play hockey. I have operated a state licensed childcare for 8 years. I would love to help improve and expand Flathead Valley hockey!
Lindsey Foster: I have lived in Montana my whole life and have been part of the Flathead Valley since 2007. I grew up in a small town in Central Montana. My husband and I have 3 children all who have been part of this association for the past 6 years. We love to do anything outdoors and of course our winters are full of hockey. I would love the chance to help grow our association and other families' love for the game.  










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