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Player Registrations

Registration is Open for the 2024-25 Season

QUESTIONS contact the FVHA board by clicking on the FVHA Board envelope.

FVHA Board

Teams and Options

Org Team Travel Practices
per Week
Games Tournaments



Birth Year

6U/8U Mites No 2 0 1WC $345 11/1-3/1 '16-'20
6U/8U Yeti No 2 10Y 1WC $495¹ 11/1-3/1 '16-'20
10U Yeti No 2 10Y 1WC $600 11/1-3/1 '14-'15
10U TSL TSL 2 10Y+16TSL 1WC+1T $1100² 11/1-3/1 '14-'15
12U PeeWees TSL 3 20TSL 1WC+1T $1200 11/1-3/1 '12-'13
14U Bantams* TSL 3 20TSL 2T $1300 10/15-3/1 '10-'11
14U Girls TSL 3 12TSL 2T $850 10/15-3/1 '10-'11
 19U Girls TSL 3 20TSL 2T $1250 10/15-3/1 '05-'09
High School* TSL 3 24TSL 2T $1600 10/15-3/1 '06-'10³

TSL=Treasure State League (travel); Y=Yeti League (local); T=Tournament (multiple games), WC=Winter Classics (home tournament), number of tournaments and dates are not guaranteed
¹Mites with 2 practices is $345. Add $150 to play Yeti games. Both play in the WC tournament
²10U is $600 for Yeti league and an additional $500 for Travel in TSL. Both play in the WC tournament
³Must have proof of high school attendance letter. A player can only play for 8 consecutive semesters while in attendance of a high school. Please see the USA Hockey Annual Guide for the full details.

* Checking Leagues. See our Play Up policy below for those eligible for 14U and HS

Volunteer Information

Families are asked to support the needed work load through either volunteering or financial support, your choice. See options below:



Buy-out the volunteering deposit and have no volunteering hours with all hours credited at the beginning of the season.

• The cost is $500 per family



 • All requirements are per family

 • A check is held undeposited until the end of the year

 • Meet or exceed the credit-hour requirements and the deposit check is returned

 • Prorated for those volunteering for >50% (12.5 hours) of their time

 • It is your responsibility to seek volunteer opportunities

 • The credit-hours are available throughout the fiscal year, July 1 through June 30


 • $500 deposit

 • Requires 25 Volunteering Credit-Hours


The following positions will fulfill ALL required volunteer hours: 
FVHA Board, Team Manager, Head Coach, Coaching Coordinator, SafeSport Rep, MAHA Rep, and Registrar. Please contact the Board if you have interest.

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