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Player Registrations

Registration is Open for the 2023-24 Season

QUESTIONS contact the FVHA board by clicking on the envelope below.

FVHA Board

Org Team Travel Practices
per Week




8U Mites/Yeti No 2 10Y / 1T $345/$495* 11/1-3/1 2015-19 Coed
10U Yeti No 2 10Y / 2T $600 11/1-3/1 2013-14 Coed
12U PeeWees No 3 1T  $600 11/1-3/1 2011-12 Coed
14U Bantams Tournaments 3  2-3T $600***  10/15-3/1 2009-10 Coed
14U Girls TSL 3 12TSL / 1T $750 10/15-3/1 2009-10 Girls
 19U Girls TSL 3 20TSL / 2T $1250 10/15-3/1 2004-08 Girls
High School TSL 3 24TSL / 2T $1500 10/15-3/1 2005-08** Coed

TSL=Treasure State League (travel); Y=Yeti League (local); T=Tournament (multiple games), number of tournaments and dates are not guaranteed
*Mites with 2 practices is $345. Add $150 to play Yeti games. Both play in the WC tournament
**Must have proof of high school attendance letter. A player can only play for 8 consecutive semesters while in attendance of a high school. Please see the USA Hockey Annual Guide for the full details.

***14U Tournament player fees TBD - not included in $600 fee

Volunteer Information

Families are asked to support the needed work load through either volunteering or financial support, your choice. See options below:



Buy-out the volunteering deposit and have no volunteering hours with all hours credited at the beginning of the season.

• The cost is $250 per player per team

• Please tell the team manager to deposit your check at the beginning of the season.



 • All requirements are per player per team

 • A check is held undeposited until the end of the year

 • Meet or exceed the credit-hour requirements and the deposit check is returned

 • No partial credits, checks will be deposited for not meeting the minimum hours

 • It is your responsibility to seek volunteer opportunities

 • The credit-hours are available throughout the fiscal year, July 1 through June 30


 • $250 deposit

 • Requires 25 Volunteering Credit-Hours


The following positions will fulfill ALL required volunteer hours: 
FVHA Board, Team Manager, Head Coach, & Registrar. Please contact the Board if you have interest.

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