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Board Assistant Job Opening 2023-24

By Cara Lemire 08/22/2023, 12:00pm MDT

General job duties to include but not limited to:
Assist in coordinating Rink & Association Events
  • Craft Brewers Cup - work with Event Coordinator
    • Permit for the City of Kalispell & State Permit
    • Insurance Coverage
    • Logo Orders - player gift, shirt, sweatshirt orders, transfer orders
    • Advertising - online local event calendars, rink poster, flyers to businesses


  • Try Hockey for Free - work with Event Coordinator
    • Registration with USA Hockey
    • Advertising - schools & community
    • Setting up online participant sign ups
    • Setting up online volunteer sign ups


  • Winter Classic - work with Board Chair of Tournaments & Each Tournament Manager
    • Shirt, sweatshirt, hat, transfer, player pins/prizes
    • Banner for 10U & 12U WC - 1st place & 2nd place


  • Promotion of Woodland Ice Center - Public & Hockey Events
    • Facebook, online event calendars
Bi-weekly newsletter to membership
  • Email board members for updates
  • Email team managers for updates
  • Check MT Hockey - MAHA site for updates and important dates
  • Format - Information, Bright Spot - ex highlight coach/team
Fundraising - work with Chair of Fundraising
  • Assist with sending out letters as needed
  • Facilitating printing and installation of board ads
Private Rink Rentals - Work with Internal/External Facilities Personnel & Scheduler
  • Coordinate private rink rentals - add to calendar - staffing assignment - coordinate Zam as needed
    • Billing for private rentals
*Reports to Board President and Vice President regarding scheduling with above duties to create an efficient work flow and communication stream.
*Weekly Average 10-20 hours per week - year round position
*Pay $25/hour - Biweekly Payroll (Either as independent contractor or though payroll service)


Apply at the link below. Click the email icon for questions to the board.

Rink / Operations Manager Job Opening

By David Cummings 08/19/2023, 12:00pm MDT



SALARY RANGE- $25,000-30,000 

Minimum 20 hours per week at $36/hour as an independent contractor 


Part-Time Contractor 6 month Oct 15th- April 15th  

Operations manager for all duties regarding rink ice, snow removal, chillers, external equipment and maintenance to the External Facilities Chair. All scheduling, staffing, rentals, computers, managing, and training to the Internal Facilities Chair. ` ` 



  • Ensure ice and Zamboni are maintained in excellent working order, including but not limited to assisting in creating the ice surface in October and removing it in March. 

  • Monitor the chiller and performing needed maintenance and upkeep 

  • Required to drive the Ice Resurfacer (currently a Zamboni) as needed 

  • Assist in project planning and execution 

  • Detect, report and repair of any broken and/or malfunctioning equipment as needed in coordination with External Facilities Chair 

  • Train, motivate and evaluate staff; provide or coordinate staff training; work with volunteers and staff to correct deficiencies 

  • Maintain hazardous materials communication program, material safety data sheets and required records and permits; maintain knowledge of changes in pertinent Federal, State, and Local regulations. 

  • Report necessary supplies and materials to be ordered for ice maintenance to External Facilities Chair 

  • Responsible for snow removal as required 

  • Sharpening all skates for the season and any that are as needed throughout the year or purchased as a service. Maintaining the skate sharpener including coordinating ordering of any needed parts. 

  • Perform related duties and responsibilities as discussed with External Facilities Chair 



  • Experience with building maintenance operations and/or ice making and equipment operations, and ice resurfacer maintenance 

  • Capable of working a flexible schedule and extended hours including but not limited to working early mornings, nights, weekends and holidays in addition to traditional business hours. 

  • Must be able to lift or move items weighing up to 75 pounds 

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills in the English language as well as strong organizational skills. 

  • Familiarity with OSHA requirements. 

  • Possession of, or ability to obtain, a valid driver's license 



Intellectual/Social demands: 

While performing the essential functions of this job, the employee is continuously asked to multi-task under time limits. Position requires constant attention to precise details and accuracy of specified standards including: following simple to complex (more than 3 steps) instructions and concentration which frequently extends beyond 30 minutes at a time. Employees in this role will constantly be in a leadership role, requiring directing others either verbally or in writing to complete tasks in a prescribed time frame. This position also requires constant use of interpersonal skills including: ability to direct/motivate/inform staff and foster collaboration, being able to recognize and resolve conflicts, and the ability to openly communicate verbally and in writing to clients. 

Physical demands: 

Work environment: 

The essential functions of this position are performed both indoors and outdoors in the weather conditions prevalent at the time. The noise level in the work environment is usually moderate to loud during events and minimal during non-event times. 


Apply at the link below. Click the email icon for questions to the board.

2023-24 Board Members and Officers

By Todd Sharpe 06/07/2023, 6:00pm MDT

During the Annual Strategic Planning meeting, the following FVHA Board members were elected to the Fiscal Year 2023 and 2024 term:

  • Matt Herset
  • Todd Sharpe (I)
  • Melissa Gregorius*

*Unfortunately, the Gregorius family is moving  and Melissa can no longer take a Board position. The Board will decide who will fill this position, if at all.

At the June Board meeting, the following Board members were elected as FVHA Officers for the 2023 Fiscal Year:

  • Cara Lemire: President
  • Lindsey Foster: Vice President
  • Jim Foster: Treasurer (I)
  • Todd Sharpe: Secretary (I)

Retiring Board Members: We thank you for your service!

  • Christy Eisinger
  • Jeremy Hayes

Follow Board updates, committee assignment and general news on the Info tab or here.